Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa

B.L.T.'s are currently on the walls at the Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa, CA. 401 South A Street in the S.O.F.A. District. Delicious food, too; definitely worth checking out. (The work is most easily viewed during daylight hours.)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

small B.L.T's-- snack size!

During the time our show was up at Ramon's Tailor,we worked on a series of little paintings (9 x 11"), somewhat inspired by the neighborhood where Ramon's  is located. For inquiries about pieces which may be still available, please write

While at 'Ramon's Tailor' Gallery in S.F.

Here are some scenes from our opening (and closing) receptions... it was a mighty fine time-- thanks to all who came out.  More pics from the first night can be seen at Alan Bamberger's site, which features shows opening in SF.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Announcing the San Francisco opening of Happy Accidents by the B.L.T. Collective. This Collaborative Painting Project by Bob Stang, Lisa Beerntsten and Tony Speirs began in 2009 as a tentative experiment between the long-time friends and has been going ever since.
At Ramon’s Tailor we’re always interested in projects that celebrate the process of making art and that is what excites us so much about the B.L.T. Collective. Creating one painting across a group of three people is no small feat and is not something that many artists would be willing to undertake or could do successfully. We are thrilled to be able to share the great work of this collective with you."
Happy Accidents Opening Party
First Thursday, July 5, 2012
from 6 to 10:00pm
At Ramon’s Tailor
628 Jones St. (at Post)

We've finished up three fresh B.L.T.s-- and they're already up on the wall in San Francisco!
See paintings below...
30 x 30", acrylic on panel
24 x 24", acrylic on panel
30 x 30",acrylic on panel

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Showing at Sonoma Academy

We've hung a bunch of the paintings over the beautiful gallery of the Sonoma Academy. The show will remain up through late May, with hours and directions available here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BLT's at the WillowWood in Graton

Now through October 9th, you can catch a glimpse of 8 BLT paintings while catching a delicious snack at the fabulous WillowWood in the hometown of T & L. (9020 Graton Road) Lisa's paintings are featured in the front room.

Coming soon: photos of the current batch in progress!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Firehouse Gallery Show July 9th in Berkeley

Several of B.L.T.'s paintings (six to be exact!) will be on display in a group exhibition with 'Sonoma Blight'.
Other 'Blighters' included in the show include: Todd Baricklow, Art Moura, William Smith, Judson King Smith."We are a Sonoma County art group that is distinguished from the typical pleasant art of Sonoma County wine art. There is a natural attraction to each other's work which drew us together to form The Blight. The work is concerned with dark humor and is often political. It can be raw or dexterous but either way we try for the gut."

There will be an Opening Reception held Friday, July 9th, from 7-10pm. Firehouse North Gallery is located at 1790 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley. The show remains up through July 30th. Please call for info on visiting the gallery.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

more BLT on the way

While our show in Healdsburg (scroll down for info) is up for a couple more weeks, we have a slew of new paintings in progress in the studios of B, and L & T. Here are some progress shots-- see earlier stages in the bottom photo. (Tony is, of course to blame for that poor pig.)

click on any image to see it larger!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

B.L.T. Debut Exhibition in Healdsburg!

Yes, yes, they're up, it's happening now!
B.L.T.'s first real exhibition (14 works) is hanging at
The Flying Goat
(coffee purveyors extraordinaire)
324 Center Street, in Healdsburg, CA.

(click on image to see larger)

There will be a Gala (well sorta) Reception on
Saturday, March 19th at 8pm.

Please do join us if you possibly can!


24 x 24", acrylic on panel

Blue Bird Motel

29 x 29", acrylic on panel

Animal Kingdom

24 x 24", acrylic on panel

Our Time

29 x 29", acrylic on panel

Looking East

29 x 29", acrylic on panel

At Risk

28 x 28", acrylic on panel

We Make Keys

24 x 24", acrylic on panel


24 x 24", acrylic on panel

Cold Snap

29X29", acrylic on panel

Que es mas Macho?

24 x 24", acrylic on panel

Simpler Times

30 x 40", acrylic on panel

Built to Spill

29 x 29", acrylic on panel

Happy Accident

29 x 29", acrylic on panel

True Believers

29 x 29", acrylic on panel

La Paloma

29 x 29", acrylic on panel

What is B.L.T.?

B.L.T. consists of painters Bob Stang, Lisa Beerntsen & Tony Speirs. The collaboration began in late 2009 as a tentative experiment between the long-time friends. By early 2010 the first four works were finished and sparked excitement. Now they present their first full show of paintings entitled "Happy Accident"-- which also somewhat describes their working process. Each painting begins when one member paints a colored &/or textured ground-- the base coat-- and then passes it on to another painter, who takes a turn, often adding rhythmic or abstract elements. Gradually, the painting gains more specific & narrative imagery, and the juxtaposition of disparate elements begins to suggest themes. This exchange goes on with each member free to incorporate, or obscure, or even bury the previous members' turns. When a painting begins to feel like it's reaching a resolution, the three members convene (Bob lives and works in Oakland, Tony & Lisa (a couple) live & work in Graton, Sonoma County, and discuss what might be needed to complete the piece. They then decide who wants to-- or is best equipped to-- make those finishing touches on any given painting.

In addition to working as B.L.T., each artist is establishing a successful painting career of their own. Bob Stang studied at UC Santa Barbara, and has shown his paintings at various galleries and venues around the country, with a solo show currently on display at the Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas. Lisa Beerntsen received her BFA from the California College of Arts (Oakland) and MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her paintings have been shown on both coasts, and she has taught art at the Santa Rosa Junior College for the past 14 years. Tony Speirs studied illustration & fine art at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He has exhibited throughout the Bay Area, and his paintings have appeared in several magazines & books.

To see the artists' individual work, see: Tony Speirs, Bob Stang, Lisa Beerntsen.